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What is Burner Connect?

Burner Connect is a place where all Burners (people involved in the Burning Man community in some way) can connect on all things related to the community.

Isn't facebook good enough? Why do we need Burner Connect?

In a word NO facebook is not good enough, our entire community is fragmented and disconnected here are some examples of what we need in our community that facebook does not provide:

  • Know what Burner related events are going on in your area
  • Know what theme camps are connected to what events, and connect with them to camp with them
  • Know what fundraisers are connected to what events
  • Know what dates are available for you to host a fundraisers and not conflict with others
  • Ticket Exchange, let people know you have/need a ticket for events
  • Create your own surveys related to a group/event/theme camp etc..
  • Organize/manage your theme camp, number of campers, list of campers, availability in your camp.
  • Work out rideshares to/from events so that people that live near each other can travel together
  • Work out how people are transporting things to events and share costs/space
  • Finding people in your area in this community that have skills/interest that you have in common or are looking for
  • Keep your Burner life seperate from your family/friends life on facebook
  • Allow you to be whoever the hell you want to be, name/playaname, pictures etc... Without the stupid strict rules.
  • AND much more, we have Flexibility! We can do anything that we need with our own community space.


OK listen up! A report in the shows that US & Canadian facebook users generate about $54.16 a year in income for the company. We take the principles of a decomodified community seriously and should not be generating millions of dollars a year for a company just so that we can conduct our day to day lives and organize our Burner community. We have a huge community you do the math!


Burner Connect is a FREE site and stands by the principles of Decommodification, That means NO advertsing on the site unless the BMORG wish to put out some sort of message. This is a not for profit, It is my gift back to this wonderful community. I may at some point require some help with server costs if things get crazy!

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